August 25, 2018 Press Release

Cynthia Shares Why She Got Into Politics

“A lot of women who find their way into politics get involved through a fight on behalf of their kids”

NEW YORK, NY – Cynthia for New York released a new video today, in which Cynthia shares why she got into education advocacy, nearly seventeen years ago. Cynthia started protesting against public education cuts in 2001, the year her oldest child, Sam, started public school and New York City schools were facing massive budget cuts. After she and other advocates successfully beat back $400 million in budget cuts, she joined the Alliance for Quality Education – traveling across the state for the next 17 years to fight for full funding of all New York’s public schools.

“Sam and I went to this protest, and I spoke and I held Sam in my arms, and I spoke about how angry I was that when the budget is tight our schools and our kids are always the first thing on the chopping block. And then I just kept going to protests. I testified in front of City Council. I met with legislators. A lot of us got arrested,” said Cynthia. “We beat back $400 million in budget cuts, and I’ve been fighting for education ever since.”