August 24, 2018 Press Release

Cynthia and Jumaane Respond to Cuomo-Hochul Attack Ad

NEW YORK, NY – Cynthia Nixon and Jumaane Williams released the following statement on Cuomo-Hochul’s new false attack ad.

“We are both proud of our record fighting for reproductive rights and for the LGBTQ community. Lieutenant Governor Hochul and Governor Cuomo are so desperate to distract from Hochul’s A rating from the NRA, and her threats to turn over immigrants to ICE that they’re spreading lies.”


Hochul Pro-Gun, Anti-Immigrant Record

Hochul Proudly Touted Her NRA Endorsement in 2012: “Rep. Kathy Hochul is trumpet[ing] her endorsement from the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund today, noting she’s one of just two New York Democrats to receive the organization’s support. ‘Kathy Hochul has a proven record of defending the Second Amendment,’ Chris W. Cox, chairman of NRA-PVF, said in a statement released by the congresswoman’s campaign. ‘Because of her strong support of our rights, Hochul has earned an ‘A’ rating and endorsement from the NRA-PVF.’ Hochul’s campaign says this endorsement is consistent with her record on Second Amendment issues, noting that during her time as Erie county clerk, she streamlined the government’s permit application process and provided gun shows with the staff and technology needed to ensure that sales went through quickly and safely.” [NY1, 10/3/2012]

Hochul Threatened to Turnover Undocumented Immigrants to ICE: “When she arrived at an assisted living center for a candidates’ forum here recently, Kathleen C. Hochul, the Erie County clerk, spent a few minutes explaining what county clerks do…And then, Ms. Hochul, a Democrat, made a point — as she often does these days — of describing one service she most definitely does not intend to offer. ‘I do not support the governor’s plan to give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants,’ she said to whooping cheers and applause. ‘I have a problem with that, ladies and gentlemen.’…. If anyone comes to the main clerk’s office seeking a license with a foreign passport but without a valid visa stamp, Ms. Hochul said, she will process the application — and then pass the person’s name on to the county sheriff as a possible violator of immigration law.” [New York Times, 11/4/2007]

Jumaane’s Record: The Facts
Williams Sponsored A Resolution Urging Congress To Protect Women-Specific Health Services. According to the New York City Council, Williams sponsored a resolution “calling upon the United States Congress to take action ensuring that women in the Armed Services are given adequate access to women-specific health services, including gynecological, breast cancer, cervical cancer, preventative and mental health services.” [New York City Council, Res 853-2011, 6/14/11]

Williams “Introduced Legislation Barring Employers From Discriminating Against Any Workers Based On Their Reproductive Health Care Decisions.” According to Gay City News, “Williams is also taking steps to make clear his support for ‘a woman’s right to have access to safe and legal abortion,’ recently introducing legislation barring employers from discriminating against any worker based on their reproductive health care decisions. ‘I was trying to be very clear that without those protections, it’s going to be dangerous for women,’ he said. ‘Who the hell is an employer to be able to fire someone based on a decision that someone makes about their reproductive health. That’s just so out of bounds, it’s absurd.’” [Gay City News, 10/26/17]

Williams Lead the Charge on The Community Safety Act, greatly curbing the NYPD’s abuse of stop and frisk, and marking one of the largest expansions of LGBTQ rights in New York City during the past decade.

Williams Co-Sponsored Bill Mandating Gender-Neutral Single Occupancy Bathrooms as chair of the Council’s Committee on Housing and Buildings. [New York City Council Intro 871-2015]

Williams Cosponsored Legislation Requiring Textbooks to Include the LGBTQ Community’s History and accurately portray the contributions of the community to the country. [New York City Council, Res 758-2011, 4/6/11]

Williams Voted For Passage Of A Bill To Increase Consumer Protection Disclosure Requirements For Pregnancy Service Centers. [New York City Council, Intro 371-2010, 3/2/11]

Williams Sponsored Legislation Calling on Congress to Ensure that Women in the Armed Services are Given Adequate Access to Women-Specific Health Services, including gynecological, breast cancer, cervical cancer, preventative and mental health services. [New York City Council, Res 853-2011, 6/14/11]

Williams Sponsored Legislation to Protect Women who have been Victims of Domestic Violence against housing discrimination. [New York City Council Intro 832A-2018 (3/28/2016)]