August 26, 2018 Press Release

Cuomo’s Bad News Week: Bachelor Party Edition

NEW YORK, NY – As the country’s distaste for the President reached new heights in the wake of the Michael Cohen plea deal, The New York Times exposed Governor Cuomo and Trump’s chummy past – striking a blow to Cuomo’s campaign strategy of painting Cuomo as Trump’s number one enemy. But the hits didn’t end there. Cuomo came under fire after receiving the endorsement of Trump superfan and Republican billionaire Ken Langone; for lying about pressuring Tish James to forsake the Working Family Party’s support; and for refusing to hold public hearings on sexual harassment in state government. Andrew Cuomo made so much bad news that evenThe Daily Show is piling on his misfires and scandals.

Cuomo’s Bad Week of Press
The New York Times: When Trump Made an Appearance at Cuomo’s Bachelor Party: The Untold Story of Their Ties
“Andrew M. Cuomo was about to marry. Donald J. Trump was about to divorce. And the future governor of New York and the future president of the United States crossed paths at Mr. Cuomo’s bachelor party. The year was 1990 and Mr. Cuomo, the son of Gov. Mario M. Cuomo, was merging with the Kennedy clan — “Cuomolot,” the union was called — just as Mr. Trump was splitting with Ivana Trump in a typical tabloid spectacle. Mr. Trump did not attend the party, but he sent a lighthearted video clip that played at the Manhattan bar where Mr. Cuomo’s friends and political luminaries had gathered. “Whatever you do, Andrew,” Mr. Trump advised Mr. Cuomo in the video, “don’t ever, ever fool around.”…The attacks and counterattacks mark the first direct confrontation between the two politicians, who rose in the shadows of their fathers, with a long and layered history that stretches back more than three decades. In a glimpse into their shared past, at one point last week Mr. Trump said Mr. Cuomo had privately promised not to run for president against him. (Mr. Cuomo, a day later, denied this.)” [The New York Times, 8/24/18]

New York Post: GOP billionaire businessman backs Cuomo for re-election
“Billionaire GOP businessman Ken Langone said he’s backing Gov. Andrew Cuomo for re-election even though he’s upset with his comment that America “was never that great.”..Langone donated $50,000 to Cuomo’s campaign in 2016 and 2017. “For the most part, he’s done a good job,” the businessman said. “Will I vote for him. Probably. Why wouldn’t I . . . Who are the Republicans putting up?”” [New York Post,8/22/18]

Albany Times Union: James explains Cuomo backing, break from third party
“James confirmed that Cuomo talked to her about not taking the endorsement of the WFP, which a month earlier had endorsed actress Cynthia Nixon over Cuomo in the Democratic gubernatorial primary. Around the same time, Cuomo’s escalating feuds with the WFP prompted a number of unions aligned with the governor to abandon the party.” [Albany Times Union, 8/22/18]

Albany Times Union: Support grows for legislative hearings on sexual harassment
“The working group, which formed in March, is comprised of women who have lodged complaints against current and former lawmakers but say their cases were mishandled. The reforms passed during this year’s budget negotiations were not sufficient, they say. The group is seeking a joint legislative hearing to solicit input from victims, advocates, stakeholders and experts…Cuomo’s office and the Assembly have not returned requests for a dialogue, according to members of the working group.” [Albany Times Union, 8/21/18]