Supporters from around New York and the nation know that Cynthia is the only candidate who will fight for a New York for all, not the few.

“Movements are built when communities come together. For too long, New York machine politics has drifted away from the communities they were originally supposed to serve. I am honored to join fellow fighter Cynthia Nixon in the advancement of dignified healthcare, housing, and education for all, in one concerted movement for a New York for the many. Cynthia and I both have roots in educational work, and her nonstop fight for working families resonates with me deeply. Together, it is my hope that Cynthia and I can propose the notion that New York’s elections don’t have to be foregone conclusions – they can be earned opportunities for change.”

– Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

“Cynthia is showing true courage by fighting the real estate interests that have controlled our state for too long,” said Salazar. “We are challenging corporate democrats because we want to build a New York that works for the many, not the few. We know that a better world is possible.”

– Julia Salazar, State senate candidate, 18th District

“For 17 years, Cynthia Nixon has been a leading voice and on-the-ground fighter for public education, women’s rights, LGBTQ equality, and protecting New York’s environment from corporate polluters. Cynthia has brought that same unrelenting zeal for bold ideas and bottom-up change to the race for Governor.”

– Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director of Democracy for America

“The people of New York need a leader at the helm who hears their voice and will use that power to enact public policies that will improve their lives. Cynthia Nixon is that leader.”

– Nina Turner, President of Our Revolution

“Do we want four more years of pay-to-play, where developers and political insiders call the shots? Or do we want a state government devoted to improving the lives of working people, with mass-transit systems that function, fully funded schools, criminal-justice reform, and health care and decent housing for all? Because if we do, there is only one candidate on the ballot in September who will even try to deliver those things. Her name is Cynthia Nixon, and she deserves your vote.”

– The Nation Editorial Board

“Cynthia is a candidate who will use her platform to model what great, forward-thinking, visionary, progressive government can and should be.”

– Stephanie Taylor, co-founder of Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC)

“Cynthia Nixon has stood with our members in the streets for many years to fight for the truly equitable schools we deserve. Now, in her candidacy, Cynthia Nixon has committed to a strong progressive platform rooted in the lived experience of working-class New Yorkers of color and immigrants.”

– Javier H. Valdés, Co-Executive Director of Make the Road Action

“She has helped us promote stronger rent protections and their expansion to all parts of the state, and to reverse the phaseout of rent-regulated housing. Cynthia is already the most effective governor tenants have ever had – and she isn’t even governor yet.”

– Michael McKee, Treasurer of Tenants PAC

“Cynthia Nixon has put forward an impressive and ambitious plan for climate action that supports what communities across New York have been demanding for years….New Yorkers deserve a governor like Cynthia who will work with and for them to transition from fossil fuels to a 100% renewable energy economy.”

– May Boeve, Executive Director of 350 Action

“Cynthia Nixon, who, unlike the incumbent, is not an ambitious career politician, is not deterred by Cuomo’s horde of millions of campaign dollars collected almost exclusively from the 1% of corporate polluters, hedge fund billionaires, real estate speculators and other rich special interests. It is so refreshing to back a candidate who is an activist and not a politician, who believes in something other than their own self-interest, and who, like Bernie, will certainly mobilize thousands of enthusiastic voters to rally behind her historic candidacy.”

– Traci Strickland, Co-Chair, New York Progressive Action Network

“Cynthia Nixon is a fierce fighter with a history of activism important to working families, the unemployed, the poor and the disenfranchised,” said club president Allen Roskoff. “She has the energy, integrity, and vision that will lead our state. She will stand up to the policies of Donald Trump and the hate coming from Washington and implement common sense solutions to achieve racial equality, protect documented and undocumented immigrants, and improve New York’s education system. She will fight for economic justice and a woman’s right to abortion and she is a fierce fighter for the LGBTQ community. In short, Cynthia is the real deal and we look forward to having her as our first queer woman governor of New York.”

– Allen Roskoff, President, Jim Owles Dem Club

“I proudly endorse Cynthia Nixon to be our next governor of New York. Cynthia stands with immigrants, people of color, and the working class across our state and will fight for respect and dignity for us all,” said Council Member Menchaca. “The future of workers, students, tenants—all of us—depends on our ability to work together to open up our state’s democracy to all. Cynthia understands that deep in her bones; her commitment to inclusion and equality is unmatched in this race. I’m with Cynthia. She is my candidate for Governor of New York, and I’m confident she will prevail. Let’s do this, together–¡Sí se puede!”

– Carlos Menchaca, NYC City Council

“For eight long years, I’ve watched my friends and neighbors continue to struggle under a broken immigration system that attacks our communities and pushes us into hiding. New York must be a leader in protecting our families and expanding opportunity for our young people,” said Council Member Mejía. “The New York Dream Act has passed the Assembly five years in a row, only to remain stalled because Governor Cuomo’s failure to use his political capital to get the bill through the Senate and into law. Cynthia has made clear that ensuring equal access to higher education for all regardless of their immigration status, is a top priority for her. When she is the Governor, I am confident that we will finally be able to pass the Dream Act.”

– Karen Mejía, Newburgh City Council Member

“With our communities under attack from all sides, now is not the time for candidates who merely work within what’s possible. We need candidates who can reimagine what’s possible, and who are committed to turning New York into a model of progressive leadership on racial and economic justice for the whole country. Cynthia Nixon is that candidate. She has a big, bold vision where every New Yorker has the freedom to thrive regardless of zip code.

Cynthia Nixon will stand with struggling New Yorkers fighting to transform policing and the justice system, empower immigrant communities, end the school-to-prison pipeline, and give all residents access to affordable housing and a quality education. The policies she proudly supports, from providing immigrants with access to drivers’ licenses and financial aid for higher education to extending tenant protections and stopping out-of-control rent hikes, have long been badly needed in New York. She has a long track record of fighting for her community and the causes she believes in, and her young candidacy has already proven that she can be a formidable force for change. We couldn’t be more thrilled to support her.”

– Jennifer Epps-Addison, Network President and Co-Executive Director, CPD Action

“Daily Kos is endorsing Cynthia Nixon for governor because she is emblematic of the fight for better Democrats in New York and across the country,” said Daily Kos Political Director and native New Yorker David Nir. “She is the progressive fighter that New York needs to help combat economic and racial inequality and champion a bold vision to bring real progressive leadership to New York.”

– David Nir, Political Director, Daily Kos

“I have no doubt in my mind that with Cynthia in the Governor’s Mansion, we will finally have a Governor who understands what’s at stake right now for women, transgender people and families,” said co-founder of #VOTEPROCHOICE Heidi Sieck. “For eight years straight, Governor Cuomo has bullied women, feminist organizations and reproductive rights groups from telling the truth about what really goes on in Albany. Cuomo has had every opportunity and all the power he needs to fully protect a women’s right to access safe, legal abortion and critical reproductive health care in New York. But instead, he chose to keep Republicans in power. It’s time for all of us to get behind Cynthia Nixon and elect a true prochoice champion as Governor of New York.”

– Heidi Sieck, co-founder of #VOTEPROCHOICE, #VOTEPROCHOICE

“The NKD membership is thrilled to endorse Cynthia Nixon for Governor of New York,” said New Kings Democrats President Brandon West. “Not only are we excited to push for an actual progressive agenda at the state level but also to support her campaign as it works to bring more people in through grassroots organizing, and opens the Democratic Party so that it is more transparent and accountable. As a club formed by former Obama organizers, we are excited by her agenda, and look forward to spreading the message that we can change the way our local politics works, and do more for New Yorkers in need.”

– Brandon West, President, New Kings Democrats

“Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats proudly endorses Cynthia Nixon as our next Governor. We are excited to work with her on pushing New York forward on a progressive platform. We are tired of the empty rhetoric that has come out of Albany for far too long; we are tired of the empty promises never fulfilled; we are tired of the inside baseball being played keeping the voices of working people and disenfranchised people out of the conversation. Cynthia’s campaign is one we are excited to get to work on as the blue wave rolls through New York,”

– Asher Novek, President, Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats

“The Staten Island Democratic Association is proud to continue our tradition of supporting progressive challengers in Democratic Party primaries with our endorsement of Cynthia Nixon for Governor.”

– Tom Shcherbenko, Former President, The Staten Island Democratic Association

“We enthusiastically support Cynthia Nixon this year” said Michael Farrin (AD 74) and CODA member. “We need a real Democrat, a progressive Democrat, as governor, not an autocrat who for eight years has played footsie with the Albany Republicans.”

– Michael Farrin, Member, Coalition for a District Alternative (CODA)

“Cynthia Nixon understands that New York’s prosperity rests in large measure on how fast it moves,” said co-founder Bill McKibben. “She’s using her gutsy run to show that the Empire State will thrive if climate justice becomes a constant priority.”

– Bill McKibban, Founder, 350

“From fighting for our state’s students to advocating for real criminal justice reform, Cynthia Nixon has put working people first since day one. Her vision for a state that champions working New Yorkers, takes on the real estate lobby and expands rent control for low-income families and immigrant communities must become a reality,” said Jonathan Westin, NY WFP Co-chair and New York Communities for Change Executive Director. “I’m proud to support Cynthia Nixon as Governor. We will work tirelessly to turn out voters and send a progressive champion to Albany.”

– Jonathan Westin, Director, NYCC

“Citizen Action is endorsing Cynthia Nixon for Governor because we trust her to make the choices that will support working families across New York. For 17 years, Cynthia has partnered with us to make sure every child in New York gets the quality education they need. Now, we’ll be fighting alongside her to achieve her bold vision for a New York that works for all.”

– Karen Scharff, Executive Director, Citizen Action

“Big donors and powerful political insiders have held too much power in Albany for too long. The Working Families Party voted to support a visionary candidate who will transform New York into a progressive leader and put the power back into the hands of the people, not just a wealthy few” said Working Families Party Director Bill Lipton said. “We’re thrilled to announce our endorsement for Cynthia Nixon for Governor and will build a powerful statewide campaign to engage New York’s voters like never before.”

– Bill Lipton, Director, NYWFP

“Cynthia Nixon is a fighter for working class New Yorkers,” said New York City Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer. “Cynthia has a long history of fighting for the LGBT community. As a public school parent, Cynthia has long been a champion for equal access to education no matter what zip code you were born in. As a straphanger, Cynthia has shown that she will be our fighter to fix our broken subway system. Our subway system is crumbling with projects that are twenty years late and billions over budget. Cynthia will make sure that the arts and culture can be experienced in every part of our State. We deserve a champion for all of us, and Cynthia Nixon will be our champion. I am proud to endorse her candidacy for Governor of the State of New York.”

– Jimmy Van Bramer, NYC Council Member

We’re building our campaign together.

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