August 27, 2018 Press Release

Video: Akeem Browder Calls out Cuomo for His Broken Promises

Brother of Kalief Browder says we need justice reform and Cynthia is the candidate who will get it done

NEW YORK, NY – Today, Cynthia Nixon and Akeem Browder released a new video highlighting the need for criminal justice reform. Akeem’s brother, Kalief, was held at Riker’s Island for three years, two of those years in solitary confinement, as he awaited trial for allegedly stealing a backpack. His family could not make his bail, which was set at $3,000. Kalief was just a teenager at the time. When Kalief was ultimately released after his charges were dismissed, he tragically took his own life due to the trauma.

“Governor Cuomo looked me in the eye and told me that he would pass policies to ensure what happened to our family would never happen again, but he failed to deliver,” says Akeem in the video. “I’m endorsing Cynthia Nixon because we need a governor who will actually fight to dismantle our system of mass incarceration and build a system based on freedom and justice for all.”

In the video, Cynthia and Akeem specifically discuss the need to end cash bail, to reform the discovery process and to pass Kalief’s law – which ensures the right to a speedy trial. Governor Cuomo had promised Akeem that he would fight to pass measures like these, but later broke that promise. When Akeem began speaking to media about the Governor’s broken promise, the Governor’s top lawyer tried to silence Akeem.

“Today thousands of New Yorkers are languishing in jail awaiting trial because of a cash bail system that punished people for being too poor and too black,” says Cynthia in the video. “Tonight those people will be sleeping in cages, and Harvey Weinstein who can afford his $1 millions bail will be sleeping in his own bed. That’s not justice.”

Cynthia’s full justice reform plan is available here.