August 23, 2018 Press Release

Governor, Why Does Ken Langone Support You?

Langone is a Trump Supporter. He’s Given the Governor $50,000 for His Campaign.

NEW YORK, NY – Yesterday, right-wing billionaire Ken Langone announced his endorsement of Governor Cuomo. Langone has received criticism in the past for defending Donald Trump, and comparing “the left’s class based politics to the Nazis.” Despite this, Cuomo has taken a total of $100,000 from Langone, most recently in 2016 and 2017.

Cynthia for New York spokeswoman Lauren Hitt released the following statement on the endorsement.

“If Governor Cuomo was truly opposed to President Trump, there’s no reason that one of Trump’s staunchest supporters would be donating to him. The Governor’s record is clear – he’s far cozier with Trump and his billionaire friends, then he is with the resistance that has formed to beat back against the President.”

Cynthia has been endorsed by Indivisible – the largest anti-Trump civic group in the country.