August 23, 2018 Press Release

As Trump Administration Moves to Put More Guns in Schools, Cynthia Calls for Schools Not Jails

In Albany today, Cynthia spoke about the need to invest in our schools and provide the counselors and other emotional supports our students need – rather than increasing harsh, disciplinary measures

NEW YORK, NY – Cynthia Nixon released the following statement on reports that Betsy Devos is planning to allow schools to use federal funds to purchase guns for teachers.

“President Trump, our schools don’t need guns. We already have metal detectors, aggressive school resource officers, and we’re even suspending kindergarteners. Where does it stop? We’ve criminalized and surveilled young people, especially young people of color, far too much already. Instead, we need to invest in schools not jails across New York, and, frankly, across America.  Our children need school  counselors, school psychologists, and social workers – not police officers, prosecutors, and judges.”

Cynthia’s ‘Schools Not Jails’ plan, which she discussed in Albany today, addresses the need to dramatically reform school climate. New York has not revised its school discipline policies in more than two decades. In New York, Black students account for nearly half of all school based law enforcement referrals. Meanwhile, the number of counselors and other emotional supports have been dramatically cut.

Specifically, as Governor, Cynthia will eliminate the use of suspensions for our youngest students, in Pre-K to third grade and for minor infractions for all student. She will also eliminate school-based arrests and summonses for violations and misdemeanors, so students are put in front of school administrators and staff, not prosecutors and judges. She will also replace metal detectors, law enforcement, and invasive security measures with evidence based and proven school climate strategies.