July 18, 2018 Press Release

Cynthia Gets More Donations in Last 25 Hours Than Cuomo Got in Last 6 Months

NEW YORK, NY – Yesterday, we learned that despite resorting to desperate astroturf campaign tactics to increase his number of small dollar donations, Governor Cuomo still ended up receiving only 1,939 total contributions in six months, compared to the more than 30,000 donations Cynthia received in less than four months.

In response, Cynthia’s campaign set an ambitious goal of 1,939 donations in 48 hours to show Governor Cuomo the power of the real grassroots, and her supporters more than rose to the challenge. In just 25 hours, Cynthia received more than 2,000 donations totaling more than $30,000. 

“I couldn’t be more grateful to the thousands of grassroots supporters powering this campaign,” said Cynthia Nixon. “New Yorkers deserve better than centrist, corporate Democrats like Andrew Cuomo, and they are sick and tired of having Wall Street and real estate developers calling the shots in Albany. They want a Governor who they know won’t be beholden to corporate interests — because she isn’t taking a cent from them.”