July 17, 2018 Press Release

Cuomo Admits the Buffalo Billion Trial Did Have Something to Do with His Campaign Donations

Now the Governor only has $31 million in corrupt corporate donations left to return

NEW YORK, NY – Cynthia for New York spokeswoman Lauren Hitt released the following statement on the Governor’s announcement that he is donating the more than $500,000 he received from the campaign donors recently convicted in the Buffalo Billion trial.

“Just days ago, the Governor ridiculously stated that the Buffalo Billion trial had ‘nothing to do with any campaign donations.’ It took 5 days of pressure from Cynthia Nixon and good government advocates like former US Attorney Preet Bharara for Cuomo to finally admit that the corruption trial had everything to do with his donations and finally return the money. The question now is will the Governor return the $400,000 in donations from Crystal Run that are currently under FBI investigation? Or the $64,000 he took from Donald Trump? Or the thousands he took from the vulture funds that devastated Puerto Rico? Or the $800,000 he got from ICE’s landlords? To be fair, when you’re as bought and paid for by Republicans and corporate interests as Governor Cuomo, it’s hard to find where to draw the line.”