July 24, 2018 Press Release

VIDEO: Cynthia Nixon Calls for Single-Payer Health Care in NY

NEW YORK, NY -- Democratic candidate for governor Cynthia Nixon today called for a “Medicare for All,” single-payer health care system that will insure every single New Yorker. Cynthia also released an accompanying video on her plan, telling the story of when her mother was unemployed and uninsured and discovered she had a lump in her breast.

“We shouldn’t have to depend on our employers for insurance – and we certainly shouldn’t have to lie to our doctors to get the care we need,” said Nixon. “Health care should be a human right, not a privilege for those who can afford it.”

July 23, 2018 Press Release

Cynthia Nixon Statement on Today’s Sexual Harassment Working Group Press Conference

NEW YORK, NY -- Democratic gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon released the following statement in response to The Sexual Harassment Working Group (SHWG) calling on the legislature to hold public hearings to improve the state’s anti-sexual harassment laws.

"I stand with the Sexual Harassment Working Group to demand public hearings on sexual harassment in Albany. It's unfathomable that when the Governor convened a meeting to develop new sexual harassment policy this year that he included a state senator accused of sexual misconduct, but not one single female legislator. We've got to do better. The Governor has again and again turned a blind eye to sexual harassment committed under his watch. Having three daughters doesn’t make a man a feminist anymore than ignoring women who’ve been bold enough to come forward to improve our anti-sexual harassment laws. We need a governor who will make protecting workers from harassment a priority and when I am her, I will.”

July 23, 2018 Press Release

Cynthia Nixon & Melissa Mark-Viverito Call for State Pension Fund to Divest from Puerto Rican Debt Holders

As the Governor and a delegation of New York elected officials travel to Puerto Rico, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon and former City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito called for the state to divest from funds managed by firms that hold Puerto Rican debt. The debt crisis is devastating the island's economy and is making the recovery from Hurricane Maria all the more difficult.

Puerto Rican debt has come under scrutiny for possible illegalities, and while the island is affected by unprecedented crisis, hedge funds continue to push for higher debt service payments.

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