June 27, 2018 Press Release

50 Days Of Ducking Debates: A New Milestone In The Governor’s Contempt For Democracy

As the date of today’s separate federal primary shows, Cuomo remains committed to making our elections as unhealthy and undemocratic as possible

NEW YORK, NY - Marking a new milestone in the Governor’s seemingly endless contempt for a healthy democratic process, it has now been 50 days since Cynthia Nixon first challenged Andrew Cuomo to a one-on-one primary debate. Governor Cuomo's campaign spokespeople have previously told Albany reporters that the Governor was reviewing debate invitations, but Cuomo has still failed to commit to an actual date. To commemorate the occasion, Cynthia renewed her debate challenge, and also called out Governor Cuomo for New York’s undemocratic voting laws and for being the only state in the country to hold separate state and federal primaries this year.

“The Governor is doing everything possible to make our elections unhealthy. He dodges debates, bristles at primary challenges, makes it difficult to vote, and orchestrates our election dates to ensure the lowest possible turnout,” said Cynthia. “At no time is that more obvious than today. Fifty days have passed since I first challenged the Governor to debate, and he’s uttered not a word. And on top of that, today’s election date for the congressional primaries show that the Governor is doing all he can to ensure that the establishment, status-quo candidates have the best possible shot.”


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