August 14, 2018 Press Release

Why Won’t Cuomo Discuss His Conversation with Trump?

After pulling in $64k from the Donald, was Cuomo calling to ask for another donation?

New York, NY – President Trump said yesterday that Governor Cuomo called him recently and pledged not to run against him for President. When asked to confirm the call, several Cuomo spokespeople declined to directly answer. Cynthia Nixon’s Senior Advisor, Rebecca Katz, released the following statement on Cuomo’s conversation with Trump and their decades-long relationship.

“The Governor has some explaining to do. He and Trump have always been unusually close. Cuomo refused to criticize Trump for much of his first year in office, going so far as to say that it was ‘a bonus’ to have a New Yorker in office. To this day, the Governor refuses to return Trump’s $64,000 in donations to his campaign.

“Cuomo’s entire campaign message is that he is New York’s best rebuttal to Donald Trump. So New Yorkers deserve some answers. Why would Cuomo promise Trump he wasn’t running against him? What other concessions did the Governor make to our repugnant President? And what did Donald Trump get in return for his $64,000 from our famously transactional governor?”