September 1, 2018 Press Release

Hundreds Rally with Cynthia Nixon in Ithaca as She Vows to Fight for Upstate Working Families

Cynthia receives the endorsement of local elected officials, citing her commitment to investing in local communities and having the wealthy pay their fair share

ITHACA, NY — Democratic candidate for governor Cynthia Nixon kicked off the second day of her upstate tour in Ithaca today. Cynthia was joined by Democratic candidate for attorney general Zephyr Teachout and criminal justice advocate Akeem Browder to visit the Ithaca Farmers Market and then spoke to a packed rally with hundreds of voters ahead of the statewide primary in twelve days on Thursday, September 13.

Cynthia and Zephyr are both running progressive insurgent campaigns to fight corruption and a rigged economy that has left New York’s working families struggling to make ends meet due to the rising cost of living that has skyrocketed under Gov. Andrew Cuomo and establishment politicians who favor insurance and pharmaceutical companies, billionaires, bankers, and big corporations over everyday New Yorkers.

“The crushing inequality we’re seeing in New York isn’t something that just happens. It’s not an accident. It comes from a choice. A choice to slash taxes for corporations and the super-rich and slash services for everybody else. With new leadership, we could transform New York into the true blue state the works for everyone,” said Cynthia. “We could make sure that no one suffers because they can’t afford health care in the wealthiest nation on earth. We want our state back. We want our government to work again. We’re tired of the corruption and dysfunction in Albany.”

Ithaca Alderperson for the 2nd ward Ducson Nguyen also joined Cynthia to endorse her bid for governor, as well as Tompkins County Legislators Shawna Black and Anne Koreman. This follows support from the Working Families Party and Bernie Sanders’s grassroots group, Our Revolution– both groups founded to take on rising inequality.

“I’m backing Cynthia Nixon because New York needs true progressive leadership instead of playing catch-up with shifting political winds,” said Nguyen. “We need an end to the hostility towards the local governments that most directly serve the people of New York. Stagnant municipal aid and unfunded mandates put the burden of regressive taxation on our most vulnerable residents. Cynthia’s support for single-payer health care and having the wealthy pay their fair share will help undo this inequity.”

Tompkins County Legislator Shawna Black also endorsed Cynthia, saying “I want to vote for the best, most qualified candidate, that I know will fight like hell for families like mine. I want a Governor that realizes we need single payer insurance, we must offer environmental protections and we must legalize and decriminalize marijuana. Cynthia Nixon offers leadership, vision, and is a true progressive. It is up to us – to get her elected.”

“Cynthia Nixon is the right choice for Governor of New York because it is time for genuine progressive leadership,” said Tompkins County Legislator Anne Koreman. “Local governments have shouldered a slew of unfunded state mandates that have forced regressive tax increases and limited our ability to provide services to those who need it most. Cynthia is committed to moving New York quickly towards 100% renewable energy!  Cynthia supports single-payer health care which is crucial for economic growth by unburdening small businesses from rising health insurance costs and providing working families with affordable medical care they need to thrive. For these reasons and more, I heartily endorse Cynthia Nixon for Governor of New York.”

Yesterday, Cynthia visited Rochester to talk about the rising cost of housing that is pushing families out of their homes. She spoke to a packed room of supporters about being raised by a single mother in New York and how that inspired her to help working women and families succeed. As governor, Cynthia would fight for universal rent control and extend protections to residents outside of New York City and surrounding areas. She would also fight for equal pay for equal work, affordable childcare, and fully funding education and health care to help strengthen families.

She was joined by Akeem Browder, a justice reform advocate whose brother, Kalief Browder, was held at Rikers Island for three years, two of those years in solitary confinement, as he awaited trial for allegedly stealing a backpack because his family could not afford the $3,000 bail. When Kalief was ultimately released after his charges were dismissed, he tragically took his own life due to the trauma. Browderfaced intimidation from top aides of Governor Cuomo this year, after he spoke outabout the Governor’s failure to deliver on his promise to end cash bail and pass Kalief’s Law to ensure the right to a speedy trial. Last month, Akeem endorsedCynthia Nixon for governor, explaining “we need a governor who will actually fight to dismantle our system of mass incarceration and build a system based on freedom and justice for all.”