August 13, 2018 Press Release

As Trump Visits Utica, Cynthia Criticizes His Abhorrent Immigration Policies

NEW YORK, NY – Today, President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence will join Rep. Claudia Tenney at a fundraiser in Utica, New York. Ironically the city of Utica, often called “The Second Chance City”, has one of the highest populations of immigrants and refugees in New York — the same people the Trump Administration targets with deportations and anti-immigrant policies. Cynthia issued the following statement on their visit:

“Utica has opened their city to refugees and immigrants from around the world for decades now, a history which has made their city so special. As many as one-fourth of Utica’s population is made up of refugee families. When I met with some of these families this summer they reminded me so clearly why America’s history as a country of immigrants makes it a beacon of hope all over the world. Donald Trump’s hateful anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies that aim to separate families is not welcome in Utica or any part of New York. We are a state of immigrants and stand united to make this a state that works for everyone. As governor, I would protect our state’s immigrants by passing drivers licences for all and the Liberty Act to make our state a real sanctuary state so Donald Trump and his rogue ICE agents can’t tear New Yorkers apart.”

In June, Cynthia met with local immigrant and refugee families, business owners and homeowners in Utica to discuss issues most important to them including the need for better leadership to protect them from attacks from the federal government and making New York a real sanctuary state.