August 13, 2018 Press Release

Akeem Browder Endorses Cynthia Nixon

Brother of Kalief Browder says of Cuomo, “He hasn’t done anything in regards to any of the promises he made”


NEW YORK, NY – Today, Akeem Browder announced his endorsement of Cynthia Nixon. Browder is a criminal justice advocate and, sadly, lost his own brother, Kalief, to New York’s discriminatory, unjust system.

“I support and fully endorse Cynthia Nixon for Governor because I believe the people of New York State will benefit from a person that has a new approach to change for both poor and wealthy,” said Akeem. “Nixon’s progressive criminal justice reform package is without bias or preconceived ideals and is not driven by an agenda to use those most vulnerable. My family and all others like mine that suffer from injustice want the most comprehensive laws and the same equal opportunities available to those that can afford them. What the families of New York have received from our current governor has been lip service. While he received accolades, we received no accountability and no justice.”

Browder faced intimidation from top aides of Governor Cuomo this year, after he spoke out about the Governor’s failure to deliver on his promise to end cash bail.

“Akeem’s family has endured the absolute worst of our unjust, broken criminal justice system – but sadly they are not alone,” said Cynthia. “I’m so humbled to have Akeem’s support and, when I’m governor, this state will finally end cash bail. We will also institute speedy trial and make sure defendants have a real right to discovery.”

Cynthia’s “Justice For All” plan prioritizes decarceration, decriminalization and targeted reinvestment in communities that have been devastated by a criminal justice system that is biased and unrelenting every step of the way. As Governor, Cynthia would end cash bail and reduce pretrial detentions through speedy trial and discovery reforms. Additionally, Cynthia would end solitary confinement for all and finally institute a real raise the age policy, which would keep all children under 18 out of detention facilities.