New York has had 56 Governors and not a single one has been a woman. #Women4Cynthia, a group for those who identify as women, are organizing, volunteering, and fighting to change that.

Add your name to join #Women4Cynthia to team up with Cynthia’s campaign and help us advocate for a real pro-choice agenda, equal pay, and smashing the patriarchy once and for all. If we want change, we have to do what women have always done — we have to go out and do it ourselves.

#Women4Cynthia is dedicated to those who are tired of hearing to “wait our turn,” “let the boys handle it,” or “stay in our lane”. It’s way past time to end the era when a group of men sit in a room and decide what happens to women’s bodies. We’ve got to include more women’s voices and that starts with you. So join us to stand up and fight back.