#Tenants4Cynthia is a group of tenants coming together because we know we need a place to fight back. In the last eight years, Governor Cuomo’s real estate donors have dictated housing policy in our state — and the results have been disastrous. It’s hard to do right when you’re getting millions of dollars to do wrong.

The real estate industry and Wall Street speculators will spend millions of dollars to try to stop these changes — they will buy ads to defame our campaign and attack tenants who are demanding justice.

The only thing that can stop them is We, the People. All New Yorkers deserve a place we can proudly call our home. The time for bold action is now. That’s why #Tenants4Cynthia is launching to make sure New York passes the most progressive and expansive tenant protection program in the country.

Join the fight today, and start by sharing your story above.

Winsome Pendergrass

It’s good to have fresh people with fresh ideas and fresh thoughts, and you can tell Cynthia understands the tenants’ pain. She’s a born New Yorker, a mother and a wife, and she knows that we are suffering. We’ve rallied and besieged Gov Cuomo; we’ve slept out outside of his office and gone to Albany -- he has never once sent a representative to address us. We’ve asked for loopholes to be closed, and now we can’t take it anymore.

TJ Shivers

Cynthia Nixon was born here in New York, just like I was. She has seen a lot of things and we have lived through a lot of things. She knows what needs to be done. She has seen the things we are going through when she tells the story about how her landlord was cheating her mother so long ago. She knows the problems, she can identify the problems and I am excited to work with her to fix these rent problems.

Derrick Owens

I think she’s awesome! She’s authentic and speaking on the issues that matter most to me -- like strengthening tenant protections and expanding them for people across New York State.